Thursday, May 20, 2010

Day 1: Of Cats and Ofuro

Day 1: Wednesday, May 19, 2010.

First off, let me say that this whole experiences is UNREAL. Sometimes I can't believe I really am in Japan! I am living with a family friend and his family in Minoo, Osaka. Minoo is a fascinating city, because last year many more homes and businesses were built. Apparently, there were only bushes and trees everywhere; now, there are charming bakeries and cafes. More homes were built, which means that Minoo is full of people. Actually, Japan is full of people!!

I arrived on Wednesday at Osaka International Airport after over 13 hours of traveling. It was raning and very warm. I am definitely unused to the humidity here! I felt disgusting, was exhausted, and never wanted to ride an airplane again! I was warmly welcome by Tecola and his large, fun family! :) I had a lovely dinner of rice, grilled beef, salad, and miso soup~!

However, before I indulged in a home-cooked meal, I wanted to clean myself up. The bathroom is not connected to a toilet, like most American bathrooms. Their is a separate room with a ofuro (bathtub) and a shower. A sink is also in there too. The bath automatically fills itself, so Tecola turned it on for me. He said it would be ding when finished. I started washing myself, and was excited to go into the bath! However, somehow it had filled up to the brim, and I was so scared it would flood! It almost did flood, evidently, and I was so worried! I didn't want to ruin everything my first night here! Luckily, the shower worked easily and I was clean and refreshed~

Sleeping has been interesting, to say the least. I had immense trouble falling asleep that first night. Especially, when one of the four cats here decided to introduce himself and let himself in to my room! The cat was super affectionate, and laying on me, but I was trying to fall asleep and it didn't help, haha~

The first night was a bit overwhelming, and it's been hard for me to feel 100% again, but I'm getting there! :) Thanks for reading!!!!!!


  1. oh my boo! sounds like a hard day 1 but you have lots of time to get ino the swing of things! but make the most of it luv!!!!!! miss u boo <3

  2. yuck yuck yucky humidity ~
    haha i would have cried for fear i would flood the bathroom, and then my tears would flood it anyway XD
    can't wait to read the rest of your adventures :3

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