Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Day 6: Ramen Adventures!

Since I had a free Monday, I wanted to go try the nearby ramen place. On Saturday, I spent two hours walking around Mino, taking pictures and trying to find it. Mari told me the right way to go, and on Monday I set out to find it!

It was a grey day, raining slightly, and I took one of the girls' umbrellas just in case. It felt so cool to be walking around Japan, toting an umbrella on a rainy day. It was just so cute!

The ramen place certainly has character! Tecola thinks the kitchen is dirty, but I was brave and went anyway~ The ladies were super nice to me. I sat on a stool at a little bar overlooking the street. I ordered the #2 most popular item (according to their website), the Sesame miso ramen, and some gyoza. The gyoza were okay, I think I have had better. The ramen was rich and very miso-y! I enjoyed it, but it was heavy! It came with a special sesame paste, which was a tad bit spicy. I loved the crunchy, refreshing bean sprouts! It was a pretty cheap and filling lunch!

I ambled out of there and walked next door to a conbini. I got a green tea Kit Kat, yum! Also, I picked up some band-aids and cute little things for me and Andrew, hehe~ Then, for the rest of the day I rested and then played catch with Sei outside. It was a fun and relaxing day!

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  1. the start of the adventures of the esplorin fewdie!!! <3