Friday, June 4, 2010

Day 11: Kimono, New Friends, and Mister Donuts!

Saturday was a bigger adventure than I thought it would be! :) I was a little nervous but excited to go the Kimono event. It was held at the Higashi library and as I walked in there was a little ceramics sale going on! I couldn't stop to look at that time because I wanted to be on time for the Kimono event. When I got there, I was given a number (9) and went to sit down on the Tatami floor. It hurt my legs to kneel for so long! At first I was shy because I didn't know anyone; most of the international students were from Osaka University. I ended up making friends with two girls, one from America and one from Romania! They were so nice and I hope to hang out with them soon! :)

Some of the ladies who were helping out with the event spoke to me in English and Japanese; some thought I only spoke English and treated me a bit differently. It was okay though; everyone was nice. I was just feeling a bit out of it since I didn't know anyone.

I thought the kimono I chose was so pretty! I also chose a pretty pink obi and was so happy to be vested in such lovely pink finery~ The kimono felt tight, but that is because I have curves! I realized that perhaps kimono aren;t meant for women with curves, haha! :D Anyway, it was an interesting experience and I am glad I met some nice people! My new friends and I stayed talking for a long while after the event was over, which was very fun for me. :) It was a beautiful day too, so it felt good! When we left the basement room where it was held, we saw a ceramics sale going on near the front entrance of the library. It was fun to look at the pieces and explain some aspects of ceramics to Ashlyn. :) We stayed looking there for a while, and then she bought some pretty pieces!

After we talked outside for a while, we parted ways and I began my walk home. I thought it was going to be a terribly long walk, but it wasn't at all! I really enjoyed it; the day was beautiful and I felt like I had learned something. I felt inspired, so I started my book for the grant project with a scene from the kimono event. :) I was starting to get hungry on my walk home; I knew I was going to pass a Mister Donuts so I decided to go in there and see what they had!

It was set up like most bakeries-- you pick up a tray and tongs and choose what items you want. I chose a honey old-fashioned, a match ring donut, and a puff pastry filled with a curry sausage! XD Everything was delicious! I actually really want to go back, haha! I was proud of myself for being able to speak and understand the man behind the counter. I ate all three there since I was so hungry. Then, when I was done, I went bakc on my way. When I made it back home, I was tired but proud of myself. I couldn't wait to see the pics of me in the kimono and I couldn't wait to share my day with Andrew! :)


  1. yaaay kimono~
    you look so cute ^^
    & those donuts sound f'in delicious, i want some :P