Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 20: Obento Sunday~!

Sunday was a rather nice day, full of good eats and supermarket adventures! It's so fun going to the supermarkets here; so much interesting and delicious-looking food! :) Since we were going to have curry rice soon, we went and picked up some ingredients for it, such as veggies and curry roux (blocks). Since it was lunchtime and we were all hungry (all being Mari, myself, and her son Bruckie) we picked up some goodies! I got a classic Japanese o-bento and a little salad. We also bought a fancy roll cake since Mari's since it was church day for Mari. They were handing out free samples and it was sooo good! XD
The o-bento was tasty and fun to eat! The little bit of spaghetti under the little sausage made me nostalgic, and the fried shrimp was good too! All in all, a very satisfying lunch. Mari is awesome. :)
The roll cake was sooooo creamy, sweet, and fluffy! I really enjoyed it! It was a relaxing day; from my room upstairs I could hear Mari and her church friends sing songs and it was rather comforting. I was able to talk to Andrew a bit, which made me happy! Yay!


  1. Ophie- Keep up the wonderful blog! This will be a wonderful thing to look back on to remember all of the amazing things you have had a chance to do:)


  2. that roll cake does look fancy. we have a similar roll here in the Philippines called pianono and it's in different flavors.